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  • Fancy midweek event comes with an obligation to glug delicious wine, eat gourmet food and talk to interesting people.

    The Telegraph 
  • Does the 'miracle' hangover pill REALLY work? From one reporter who was cured of 'hangxiety' and a thumping head after six pints...

    Daily Mail 
  • I tested the Myrkl ‘hangover pill’ – I’m suspicious and still have a headache, but would take it again...

  • Pouring yourself that extra drink always feels like a good idea until you wake up the next morning, head pounding and a mouth drier than the Sahara Desert… We’ve all been there.

    Lad Bible 
  • What are the most troubling
    human conditions we’d like science to cure? Cancer is the obvious one. And for me, cheese that doesn’t make you fat is also up there. But a hangover pill...

    The Times 
  • Drinking is just not worth that crushing feeling of regret and anxiety I always get the morning after the night before, which my friends and I woefully call Pinot paranoia.

    The Sun 
  • t’ll stop you getting drunk, that’s how it works, people told me. That didn’t sound good. Itcanbe nice to get shit-faced sometimes, and after a hectic day, some friends and I were in the mood. I popped the pills (never a wholesome-sounding phrase) and hoped I’d still get sozzled.

    Evening Standard 
  • A Swedish pharmaceutical company called de Faire Medical has come up with Myrkl, a pre-drinking pill that is "the first product in history to break down alcohol effectively," or so they claim. I decided to put the pill, which has been 30 years in the making, to the test.

    Business Insider 
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